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Customise your workouts with one of our personal trainers, available on request, for one-on-one coaching sessions in.

Greet the Sun

Body and respiratory techniques induce relaxation of body and mind. Breathing exercises rejuvenate and calm the mind. These Yoga movements will help start the day with serenity and peace.

Jogging Outdoor

Jogging remains one of the best ways to increase cardiovascular capacity, maintain weight control and to manage stress. To do it in a group, on a regular basis, is an excellent way to stay motivated. Explore this beautiful island of Capri while getting in shape.
* Recommended early morning

Private Pilates Class

Our Pilates classes provide for the execution of traditional and modern exercises on the mat in order to experience the relationship between mind, breathing, postural muscles and center of gravity.

Personal Gym Workout

These one-on-one training sessions begin with an individual goal assessment and warm up. The session continues with a combination of resistance and cardiovascular training using the latest techniques with an emphasis on teaching the importance of proper technique and form.

Personal Hiker

A thru-hike is one of the greatest adventures that Capri has to offer, and is available to anyone who can walk and has the time and desire to discover this beautiful island by foot. Minimum of 1 hour and maximum of full day hiking is offered. Personalize your own adventure footpath with the locations you would like to discover.

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